Mazzarri Confirms He Will Remain Manager For Inter

by admin

Inter Milan coach Walter Mazzarri has confirmed that he will remain as the manager of the club next season as well. There have been widespread reports that he will be sacked as the Inter Milan manager after failing to get the club into the top three of the table. Only the top three teams that qualified for the Champions League next season. This is very important for a club like Inter Milan with its rich European heritage. The club has won two European trophies in its illustrious history, but they have not been in the competition for the last two years.

After the change in ownership, the club provided Mazzarri with significant funds over the course of the first two transfer windows in order to strengthen the team. However, it has not worked according to plan after a poor second half of the season led the club into finishing fifth in the table. Even more disappointing for the club was the fact that they were a massive 18 points behind the third placed Napoli. Despite this, Mazzarri looks set to continue as the manager after the coach himself confirmed the same.

The club has also been voicing the same over the last few weeks, but reports about his position continue to float around.

“I’m definitely staying because I have a contract. I’ve already spoken about my contract with (technical director Piero) Ausilio, so it’s pointless that we continue to talk about it. I have a contract at Inter. I had to work with a contract that was running out before at Napoli and I did well there. The important thing is there’s great respect between us. I’m very happy with the phone call that came after the win against Lazio. Thohir called me, happy to have qualified for Europe,” said Mazzarri.