Walter Mazzarri running Milan at good Pace

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Inter Milan is not going through the best of times as the club has experienced a change in the coaching staff after Walter Mazzarri was replaced by Roberto Mancini and the Italian side is located in the 11th spot in Serie A, it’s starting to seem highly unlikely that the club will be able to secure a Champions League or a Europa League position that would allow them to compete in either of the European competition in the upcoming season.

Despite being so far away from the high section of Serie A, Roberto Mancini remains confident that Inter Milan is going to turn things around and get back on track.

“There’s a long way to go. I’m sure we will be fighting for third place till the end and I know we can finish there. Now’s not the time to look at the tables. The key is to keep on improving.I’m happy to see that the players are learning and improving. We can definitely make up ground in the next months.”Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini said as he displayed his support and trust in his team and what they are still able on accomplishing within the upcoming months.

The start of the season of Inter Milan was one filled with highs and lows as they had to settle with a goal-less draw in their opening match of the season when playing against Torino and a few weeks later, their next game was against Sassuolo in a match which concluded in an overwhelming 7-0 triumph for Inter Milan but they have struggled trying to replicate that result from there on out.

The pressure is now on Roberto Mancini as he was the man chosen to try and recover Inter Milan from their recent slump but if the manager is unable on doing so, the authorities of the Italian club will not hesitate in sacking him.