Home form is a major reason behind club’s imposing

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Home form is a major reason behind club’s imposing themselves in the league. If a club is to win the league title, then it is of utmost importance that the home form is extremely good in such a way that other teams think it off as a fortress.

This has not been the case with the San Siro, where Inter have struggled immensely this season. The arrival of Roberto Mancini has improved form, but it is not without the arrival of several new players during January. The 2010 Champions League winners are expected to spend more in the upcoming summer, but Mancini has identified the home form as one of the areas to improve.

Since the turn of the year, the club have been able to manage only three wins in the league at the San Siro. It is not surprising that they find themselves just on the verge of going out of the top 10. The 2-1 defeat against champions Juventus confirmed the lack of any form of European football for next season. Mancini says that it will be tough to even think about the Europa League from this position. Once Inter were regularly competing for the title along with Juventus, but they now lie 31 points behind the champions.

“It does weigh on you. We should win all the time here but instead we struggle. The stadium should be our fortress but we`re not incisive enough. We should be winning nearly all our games here.The Europa League is clearly much further away from us after this game. We have lots of work to do to build a team with experienced, quality players who can lift the side in matches like this simply because they`re used to playing in them. The real difference isn`t that great, as you could see in the two matches we played,” said Mancini.